Don't settle for automated

or pre-made workouts.

The Fit Life app links you directly to your personal trainer for real results.

Technology + Personal Training = The Perfect Combination!

The Fit Life Academy is an app designed to provide EVERY tool you will need to create a sustainable lifestyle and the body of your dreams!

Having the right tools makes all the difference.

-Nutrition Plan

-Exercise plan

-Video Explanations

-Progress tracking

-Healthy habit building calendar

-In app chat with your trainer

-Accountability groups

-Month to month; NO CONTRACTS!

What is the

Fit Life Academy?

What We Are

What We Are NOT

A complete weight loss and lifestyle program

A quick fix or challenge to lose weight in an unhealthy way

Custom coaching through our interactive app

A one size fits all, cookie cutter workout plan

Dedicated to YOUR fitness goals; no matter your experience level

A weight loss pill, shake, or "nutrition system"

Focused on scientifically backed, proven methods for weight loss

Built on the latest fad or popular opinion

Our Simple 3 Step Approach

You have to take responsibility for your health and decide to commit to living healthier, no one is going to make that decision for you. Most people go through their ENTIRE lives without deciding to take control of their health, and let's be honest: if you don't control it, one day it will control you.

Speak to a Coach

Click the link to pick a time to speak with us! You can expect to have your questions answered and find out if we are a perfect fit to work together! 

Fill out your Fit Life Profile

After our call, if we think we can help, we will send you a link to fill out your proffile and create an account in our app!

Get started and enjoy the process

Your coach will create your custom program and you can get started right away!

Real Clients; Real Results

It's not only about the before and after pictures, It's about the journey between the photos that makes the difference.

Tyler, 26

"As a leader of our training team, I took it upon myself to make a change first. Using our coaching techniques and relying on the help of our other trainers, I was able to EASILY drop a significant amount of weight and keep it off. Accountability and confidence in my program was the number one reason I had such drastic success."

Mallory, 25

"I had tried everything on my own and it was clear that I needed guidance elsewhere and I found that. I found people who wanted to help me succeed and be the best version of myself both inside and outside. I learned that not every exercise program and diet works for everyone: [My coach] spent countless hours working with my body's needs and manipulating my training and food until we found something that worked!"

Willie, 33

"For me it's about accountability. Checking in each week... I have lost over 100 pounds and have been putting on muscle. It was important how confident I felt in the process and I have the confidence that I can maintain this the rest of my life."

April, 35

"I can't stress enough how great of a job my coach has done in welcoming me into the family and making my health and fitness their priority. I have gained confidence in the gym,  and changed my own health and fitness for the rest of my life."


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